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The 6809 Mnemonic Assembler is a fast and powerful disk based assembler interfaced to the FLEX disk operating system. It accepts all standard Motorola mnemonics for the 6809 instruction set as well as all standard 6800 and 6801 mnemonics. Macros and conditional assembly are supported as well as numerous other directives for convenient assembler control. The assembler executes in two passes and can accept any size file on the disk so long as sufficient memory is installed to contain the symbol table. Output is in the form of a binary disk file or a hexadecimal tape as well as an assembled listing output which may be routed to a printer or to a disk file through the facilities of FLEX.

This manual is by no means intended to teach the reader assembly language programming nor even the full details of the 6809 instruction set. It assumes the user has a working knowledge of assembly language programming and a manual describing the 6809 instruction set and addressing modes in full. The former can be acquired through any of a large number of books available on assembly programming, the latter from the 6809 hardware manufacturer or seller.

Throughout the manual a couple of notational conventions are used which are explained here. The first is the use of angle brackets ('<' and '>'). These are often used to enclose the description of a particular item. This item might be anything from a filename to a macro parameter. It is enclosed in angle brackets to show that it is a single item even though the description may require several words. The second notation is the use of square brackets ('[' and ']'). These are used to enclose an optional item.

FLEX is a trademark of Technical Systems Consultants, Inc.

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