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As the CEO and ultimate rights-holder for Black Belt Systems back in the day, I am pleased to make available archives of some of the final releases of our Windows software to the Windows community. You are free to use, and re-distribute, this software without charge or obligation. I would appreciate your linking back to this page, but do not require it.

NOTE: Please be aware that I do not offer any support for this software; it is provided strictly on an as-is basis.

The software here is known to work in Windows XP. It may, or may not, function as intended under later versions of Windows.

This software is no longer actively developed, so if it doesn't co-operate with your non-XP Windows OS, your options are:


WinImages F/x and WinImages Morph

WinImages F/x

Winimages F/x is a powerful image manipulation and generation system. Like Photoshop, but much more efficient, with a different approach to usability, and a somewhat different feature set.

WinImages was developed based upon our Amiga product, ImageMaster

WinImages Morph is a morphing and warping system, part of the WinImages suite.

Here is an archival version of the user manual

The installer below was designed to reside on a CDROM. So if you extract the .zip file to a temporary folder on your HD and then copy the files resulting from the .zip file extraction to a CDROM and install from there, it'll work as designed. If you do it right, the CDROM will have a file called setup.exe in the root, an .ICO file, and some folders. If you do this, just insert the CDROM, start setup.exe from there, and follow the prompts in the installer.

You can ALSO extract to the root of your c:\ drive, and run the setup.exe file that lands in c:\ as a result, and it'll install properly. Follow the prompts in the installer.

The astro version of fx.exe adds the ability to stack images. This is a very specialized capability of interest only to astrophotographers. However, it is also the very latest version of WinImages ever produced, so you might want it just for the bug fixes and so on.

If you'd like to use, or experiment with, the astro version, then after the installer has run and all the files are installed, download the astro version .zip file, extract the copy of fx.exe in it, and replace the fx.exe that was installed by the installer. You can use Windows search function to find it. It's not the one in c:\nt9895 if you find one there; that's a remnant of the install process. It'll be in your program files directory or wherever else you told the installer to put it.

When you first run fx.exe or morph.exe, you're going to be prompted for user information. For FX, enter the following:

User name:Now Freeware

For Morph, enter the following:

User name:Now Freeware

WinImages Installer Download (.zip file)
Astro version of fx.exe (.zip file)

Once you enter the registration information, I suggest you quit the program and restart. Both fx and morph save the registration information when they exit. Quitting immediately ensures it is saved and that you will not have to re-enter it if there is a Windows problem.

Mac users note: WinImages works fine under Windows XP in both Parallels and VMWARE. Enjoy!


6809 Flex emulation


This is a very complete, very fast emulation of a 6809-based microcomputer, complete with virtual front panel, PYSMON monitor "ROM", FLEX disk operating system, emulated graphics subsystem, and many programs, including interpreters, compilers, assemblers, virtual arcade game machines and others. Languages include Forth, BASIC, small-C, 6809 assembler, cross-assemblers, etc.

Online Documentation

The emulator docs, the OS docs and more are all available to you via that link. Please be aware that I'm still looking for some things, like the line editor docs.

Click here to download

Zip archive password: peanut

Decompresses to a folder; use the software from within that folder.

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