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Menu Operations

The File Menu

Load Image and the MRU submenu

This option will load an image into a view. The Load Image item is operated through a series of submenus that detail a number of recently used (hence the term MRU... Most Recently Used) filesystem locations. This allows you to quickly and easily get to your image files without having to navigate, and re-navigate, and re-re-navigate...

WinImages F/x loads the file types which are listed below.


Keep this in mind...
When loading any image file, the type of file is automatically identified by the program by looking into the file itself. The file extension is not significant in this identification. This is not typical for Windows applications. WinImages F/x does this so that if a file is renamed or comes from a platform where atypical file extensions are used, the image can be loaded without any extra work on your part. There is no risk to this approach with images, because they cannot execute when loaded.

The image types that are presently loaded are as follows: